Blue Devil Productions
End of Semester Survey
Have you heard of Blue Devil Productions (BDP) prior to this survey? *

Are you aware that BDP provides Music, Comedy, Films, and Open Mic? *

What events did you attend this semester? *

Out of the entertainment services we provide, which are you most inclined to attend? *

What genre of music do you prefer? *

What movie genre do you prefer to watch? *

What artists would you like to see preform at Stout?

What films would you like to see shown at Stout?

What comedians would you like to see come to Stout?

Did you attend the Large Show, Charlie Berens? *

How did you hear about Charlie Berens? *

What genre would you like to see Blue Devil Productions have for Large Show next year? *

Would you like to see other entertainment, like a comedian, for the Large Show? *

Did you buy a meet and greet ticket for Charlie Berens? *

Did you participate in our contest for Charlie Berens tickets?

What day of the week would you most likely be inclined to come to the Large Show? *

How do you primarily recieve information about BDP events? *

What social media platform do you primarily use? *

Do you follow BDP on social media? *

What prompts you to go (or not go) to BDP events? Please be specific. *

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your input is valued and appreciated.

If you'd like to join BDP, meetings are every Monday at 6PM in the Memorial Student Center (check social media for the room). Have a great summer!

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