Blue Devil Productions

Spring Survey 2017
Here we go!
Have you heard of Blue Devil Productions (BDP) prior to this survey? *

Are you aware that BDP provides music, films, and comedy? *

Which BDP events have you attended this semester? *

Out of the entertainment services that we provide, which are you most inclined to attend? *

What is your preferred genre of music? *

What is your preferred movie genre? *

Who would you like to see perform at Stout (music)?

What movies would you like to be shown at Stout?

What comedians would you like to see come to Stout?

Did you attend the Large Show, Elephante? *

How did you enjoy Elephante?

*If you did not attend this show you do not have to answer the question.
How did you hear about the BDP Large Show Elephante? *

Would you reather see a music act or comedy act as the BDP Large Show? *

What day of the week would you be most inclined to come to the Large Show? *

How do you primarily receive information about BDP events?

What type of social media do you use predominantly? *

Do you follow BDP on social media? *

What prompts you to go (or not to go) to BDP events? Be specific. *

Thank you for taking our survey. Your input is valued and appreciated.

If you'd like to join BDP, meetings are every Monday at 6pm in Ballroom B in the Memorial Student Center (room is subject to change).

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